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Messier 81 & 82

The M81 Group is a group of galaxies in the constellations Ursa Major and Camelopardalis that includes the well-known galaxies Messier 81 and Messier 82, as well as several other galaxies with high apparent brightnesses, like NGC 3077 visible in the bottom left of this picture.

Technical details:

  • exposure time of each image: 30s
  • sensitivity: ISO 1600, aperture: f/4, focal length: 200mm
  • number of stacked images: 14 (with 2x drizzle)
  • weather conditions: very bad

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iptc_keywords DA*200,astronomie,galaxies,o-gps1

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  • Darren Addy - Thursday 12 September 2013 17:54
    These images are all WONDERFUL. Do you have a place where you explain your post-processing tools & techniques? I would like to know the total integration time. Also, what 200mm lens did you use, and at what aperture, please? Thanks!